Do You Need A Liver Cleanse?

  • Have Low Energy Levels?
  • Have A Low Metabolism?
  • Wish Your Skin Was Healthier?
  • Not Feeling Mentally Alert?
  • Wish You Were In A Better Mood?

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The liver is one of the major organs in the human body, in today’s society it has a tough job that it shows up to every day. You see… the liver filters your blood after it leaves the digestive track and before it goes into the rest of your body which is why keeping it clean is so important.

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Not only is your liver the largest organ in your body, it’s also “chief cook and bottle washer,” responsible for keeping the rest of your organs and systems free of toxins and functioning smoothly and it has a pretty big job description:

Liver Cleanse Functions

As you can see, the liver has a tough job
and needs a break every once in awhile!

You can think of your liver as a large filter for your body.

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Depending on your diet, exercise patterns and your lifestyle your liver could be in pretty tough shape. Since the liver filters your blood as it leaves the digestive track it has to contend with:

  • consumption of alcohol
  • eating fast food
  • red meats
  • soda and other carbonated drinks
  • any medicines / drugs you are taking
  • as you can see, a liver cleanse is vital to your health!


Functions of liver – These are all crucial to living healthy and feeling great!

  1. Converts toxic product into nontoxic ones.
  2. Liver actively participates in metabolism of Carbohydrates, Fats, Proteins, Vitamins and Minerals.
  3. It excretes bile pigments, bile salts, cholesterol through bile.
  4. It synthesizes plasma proteins.
  5. It stores glycogen, vitamin A, D and B12 and trace elements.

Without a periodic cleanse, some of these liver functions could be at risk!


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Here are some of the negative things that might
occur with an unhealthy liver:

  • Hepatitis: Inflammation of the liver, usually caused by viruses like hepatitis A, B, and C. Hepatitis can have non-infectious causes too, including heavy drinking, drugs, allergic reactions, or obesity.
  • Cirrhosis: Long-term damage to the liver from any cause can lead to permanent scarring, called cirrhosis. The liver then becomes unable to function well.
  • Liver cancer: The most common type of liver cancer, hepatocellular carcinoma, almost always occurs after cirrhosis is present.
  • Liver failure: Liver failure has many causes including infection, genetic diseases, and excessive alcohol.
  • Ascites: As cirrhosis results, the liver leaks fluid (ascites) into the belly, which becomes distended and heavy.
  • Gallstones: If a gallstone becomes stuck in the bile duct draining the liver, hepatitis and bile duct infection (cholangitis) can result.
  • Hemochromatosis: Hemochromatosis allows iron to deposit in the liver, damaging it. The iron also deposits throughout the body, causing multiple other health problems.
  • Primary sclerosing cholangitis: A rare disease with unknown causes, primary sclerosing cholangitis causes inflammation and scarring in the bile ducts in the liver.
  • Primary biliary cirrhosis: In this rare disorder, an unclear process slowly destroys the bile ducts in the liver. Permanent liver scarring (cirrhosis) eventually develops.

If you don’t start taking care of your liver by eating correctly and also utilizing an all natural cleanse on a regular basis some of these conditions could be close to forming themselves.

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Importance of Liver Cleanse To Your Body Functions

A lot of people overlooked the importance of the liver, despite the fact that when it comes to internal organ the liver is the largest and when over stressed can cause the other organs to fail or function properly. If you want to make certain that your body will remain healthy, you have to consider liver cleanse to protect yourself.

The liver works constantly in breaking down the external and environment toxins that the body comes in contact daily by eating and breathing. In fact, even the normal toxins produced by the body itself are also broken down. By the way, if the toxins remains in the body you can experience headaches, fatigue, nerve problems, muscle pain, skin irritations and many health conditions that could slow you down or create serious health problems if not immediately then later in your life.

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This is one way to ensure that there is no more toxins in the body and that the liver is healthy. If your kidney and heart is crucial to your existence, so is the liver because this organ converts your food into a chemical needed by your body to grow and function effectively. In addition, it also manufacture as well as export substances that is used by the body.

Furthermore, the liver processes the drugs or medicine you take and absorbed by the digestive tract and most of all excrete substance that could poison your body. Imagine, if your liver is unhealthy then it will not perform efficiently and you could suffer significantly.

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This is a procedure that could help rejuvenate even an already unhealthy liver, as long as the condition is not yet critical or damage badly. Take note, if you will cleanse your liver it will certainly perform effectively and will help maintain your good health.

Cleansing the liver can even relieve some of the ailments you are experiencing, especially when it is caused by having a bad liver. If you think that you can benefit greatly from a liver cleanse, make sure that you perform a colon cleansing first so that you can flush out the toxins efficiently.

Whatever you do, please take it upon yourself to take part in a liver cleanse and consequently start living a healthier and happier life.

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